Our Story

Amala’s story started one afternoon in 2018 with a pulled pork sandwich – that didn’t have any pork in it. It was made of jackfruit, and it was amazing. The flavour. The texture. That meaty mouth feel. We didn’t miss the pork at all. In fact, it was something we’d actually choose over the meat version, any time.

And so began our plan: to start a line of plant-based food products to serve as amazingly craveable alternatives to the meat dishes people turn to by default.

Pure Taste

We spent two years plotting, planning, developing, tasting, testing, poking and shredding a number of potential products, with our focus on one thing: TASTE. If you wouldn’t crave it, it didn’t make the cut.

We also wanted to keep our products PURE (which is what Amala means in Sanskrit). Our goal was, and always will be, to stay as simple, healthful and process-free as possible – so we nixed any options that would require too much processing or need artificial powders or chemicals to make them taste the way they should.

What we came up with was a lineup of delicious, affordable plant-based products that could hold their own, whether as a meat alternative or just something you’d opt for anyway because they made your day.

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Eat Well, Do Good

Over the course of our research, what started as a food challenge became more meaningful, the more we learned about why people go plant-based in the first place. The facts are mind-boggling:

  • The greenhouse gas footprint of animal agriculture rivals the combined footprint of every motorcycle, car, truck, bus, ship, and airplane on Earth.
  • When forests are cleared to produce industrial meat, billions of tons of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere, accelerating global warming.
  • The bulk of our water footprints comes from the “virtual” water in the meat we eat. One pound of beef uses 1,799 gallons of water. One pound of pork uses 576 gallons of water. One pound of chicken uses 468 gallons of water.

It turns out we can do more good for the planet by eating
plant-based food than by any of the other things we’re doing now, like recycling, conserving water or planting trees.
(Note: Do not stop doing those things anyway.)

So let’s save the planet together
one mouth-watering meatless meal at a time.